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Wedding photo Photography new money Economics studies

Wedding is the most money the best? Many people will find this is a daydream, save money how do look good, look how can you save money? Therefore, you must learn the wedding "Economics", Oh! The so-called wedding "Economics" is to teach you how to make beautiful wedding to save money, new people to learn Oh! Photography Studio in Guangzhou is now growing, the couple may be seeing, in the trap of the order when they entered the business, may wish to follow in the network economics of small series of wedding photography, do as you do your homework in advance.
Wedding dresses "Economics": pick a personal sentiment strong photographers
Good photographer will not only take pictures, better photography, it raises the couple reveal natural feelings accurately capture the moment two feelings, exchange of glances. Should also be in accordance with the new style guide and the two men put on natural, graceful posture, rather than stiff, with no cut.
Wedding dresses "Economics," II: wedding dress a unique personality design
1, photo sets, color and style will suit the temperament, the identity of the couple and the whole collection of photos gives a unique feel.
2, photos featuring a pair of newcomers, only heighten the atmosphere of the background, should not be distracting. Wedding lighting should be the feeling of warm, soft, not too Dim.
3, wedding photos is a picture of life in a series of important, many years after marriage will take out wedding to finish, so the photos must stand the test of time, would not be out of date.
4, serious photographers will photograph when photo-finishing process for new look, through use of darkroom techniques off newcomers face acne, eye, and adjusting photo color, light and shade, and so on.
5, in the wedding photos on a thin protective film on the loose, photo is not easy to scratch, and there is a certain waterproof function.
6, available in a variety of patterns to choose from, such as a cross, pattern, tree, such as, wedding dress shop in most such services, the new estimate.
Must match the Photo 7, photo frame style, color, such as court background should be equipped with antique carved frame.
Wedding dresses "Economics" III: budget
Wedding photo service shops are generally in the form of packages launched new choices pay attention not only to take the number of wedding dresses, but also should compare the packages of other content, such as plating, printing photo fee, throw in different phases and other additional benefits. In the calculation of shooting expenses, besides package basic fees should expect a exposure of photographs and mounting expense, and to set expenditure ceiling for the whole shooting.
Some bridal shops charge less, but will charge extra costs such as eyelashes, jewelry or makeup. Wallets, newcomers should be asked of every thing, and asked whether including makeup, makeup, ornaments, ornaments and all costs.
Who can receive the film bridal shop, remake photos because they are more expensive, and more trouble. Bridal shop some packages comes with large oil paintings attract customers, but if too big or different styles of oil painting is not suitable for display in homes, only useless, beam high shelves, the couple must take note of this.

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