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Four issues selected wedding packages can not be ignored

Now the wedding photo studio, wedding photography studio and countless new how people make choices. See sample? Recommended by friends? No, these are not sufficient to enable you to choose a suitable photo agencies. We need four factors to start, cool choice.
Many studios also provides greater choice for new people. They were replaced by the kind of one-on-one service to assembly-line, so you have more time to communicate with makeup artists, photographers, in order to create a better effect. Also added some more humane services are different from other Studio's selling points, such as shooting the story set and final set finished product based on home environment. Will be more one-on-one services to you.
Second, choose the style
Choice Photography Studio from its photographic style. Some Studios tend to realism, while others would prefer Freehand. Introduced to customers in the shop samples or suggest references who looked at our store to take its own photos, so as to reflect the photographer's technique and performance techniques. (Sample dozens of to hundreds of set, through the network will be able to buy hundreds of styles of models), so choose your favorite style is the most important!
Three, consider price
Wedding prices in the hundreds of Yuan to tens of thousands of Yuan. You should be clear on the price each wedding photography service provided by the company, late prices. In accordance with the price that you want to select. Uneven mix of poor quality of the finished product, customers should ask carefully, looking for a cost effective professional shop, rather than just cheaper. Choose according to their actual requirements, services and products. Different prices, after all, quality is different.
Four, introduced
Friends who have asked around experience, because they know which advantages and disadvantages of wedding photography company, do not be hyped ads, blinded by the luxurious decoration. Are all the same, wedding pictures mainly in the style of photography, quality of service, after you weigh, from which to choose the most suitable one. Most important is the light, to find a professional strength shop!

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