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7 small details of the wedding to prepare in advance

Wedding is the best Memorial for marriage, not only can help you finish your wedding sweet, it can be considered for golden years break, today in a small knitting will take you to look at the photo shoot before the 7 small details, to facilitate people to make more perfect wedding photos.
Should be prepared in advance before the photo shoot 7 small details
1, take pictures of the day before, the mood to relax, it is best to rest early, get plenty of sleep, and not to drink too much water before going to bed to avoid puffy eyes on alternate days.
2, required to photograph jewelry, accessories, silk stockings, shawls, shoes must be placed properly to avoid temporary rummage, when it is best not to wear too much jewelry.
3 don't too much make-up, Bridal makeup, best makeup artist initiative, making the picture lively.
4, with short hair, brides are advised to communicate with the stylist, choosing the right hairstyle, hair ornaments and flowers.
5, Perm new hair care, it is best to take pictures in the previous months, skin also embarked a week before taking pictures.
6, the bride should wear a basic front dress, white dress-for-avoiding, damaged the facial makeup and hairstyle.
7, the groom's suit should not be too fit, so everything is not convenient.

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