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How to take wedding pictures the five golden rules

Wedding is the witness of love and the two records, I believe that every couple have paid special attention to. However, for a newcomer who had no experience, how to make your wedding more perfect? is not so hard, as long as the following points can produce satisfying photos.
A: look, shoot out looks more likely, to actively support the work of the photographer, not to put too much hope in late. (Site active communication, and actively cooperate with good photographers will make happy your entire photo, can save more time and you can get to a perfect wedding, why not? )
Second: what did you expect photographic style, photos can be collected in advance like some photographer, make him more clearly what you want.
Three: most want to avoid, may communicate with the photographer in advance, advance communication more effective.
Four: must keep the good mood of the day, as happy or depressed really logged into the lens. (The bride and groom to keep a happy mood, talk about some topics make each other happy, to send pictures of exhausted. )
Five: the groom must be smiling. If not used, practiced in the mirror every day, until the very skilled so far. (Beside lovely bride to learn to tease your groom is also OK)
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