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Wedding photography what mandatory contents of order

Now Studio inside the Department, so many miscellaneous things, photo album will be divided into many types, each has a different price! Of course, the most expensive is the best. We don't have to focus on their terms, in one, Camilla, we only have to look at the sorts of things, and then pick the best in each class, even if the task is complete! Wedding photo orders must be?
1) albums (which is very rich in contents)
2), large (at least one of the Studio's most upscale)
3) clothing (at least one VIP)
4) at least one cosmetic bag
5) at least one principal photography
6) location (or Sun Peng, in short, is the place where Sun)
7) ornaments.
8) wedding invitations, and posters. The bride is preparing for her wedding, save two hearts.
There are also a wide variety of gifts, and so on, don't forget the last Studio to a VIP card, free anniversary photos in the future. Other relatives and friends can also be used, but not white do not.

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