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Advantages of counting winter wedding

Year, month wedding photos work best? Generally speaking, all the wedding, because each season has its own unique character and style. If you want a graceful posture to show their own charm, of course, you can choose summer. If you prefer a sunny spring or autumn scenery you can choose, if you like the strange landscape of snow, you can choose to winter. Let Photo tell you how!
A spring
Color is beautiful all things flourish in the spring season, flowers became the shadow element location the most important shot of the season. Flowers vary in color, should be uniform in color selection, perfect flowers contrast and white or color, and prominent figures. Expression can be controlled much more sweet, POSE can be designed to be elegant and romantic, so as to create the atmosphere of spring.
Two: summer
For newcomers, hopes to find the beautiful scenery to present the most beautiful images. Month wedding best when there is no clear answer, if you like to indulge in the beauty of nature that summer was a good choice. In addition to a fairy tale-like colors, the choice of wedding dress is also very tasty, will be able to show their own charm!
Three: the fall of
Fall season still has its natural color, if you're single for a few months the wedding the best curious, might as well walk into early autumn, harvest days of joy, whether it is autumn climate is the joy of the harvest of the United States, is an ordinary picture. Also, walking with each other will be a most meaningful Memorial, Oh!
Four: winter
Wedding of the month best? Winter is also a good choice. In this case a lot of Studio select int, rarely took out, but we don't think so, green is less but still warm are is up to us to invent, such as careful care, sweet smiles that this cold winter brings a trace of warmth.

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