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Wedding perfect pose

Many people like to play the self timer, but with others and I didn't pay attention. In fact, two wedding place pose could have chemical effects, lots of drama began. Two wedding place pose great Oh, quickly learn two tips with small series!
A, double beauty in shape to take the blocks to each other when changing from human body structure. Human separately Department, and chest, and hip three General block, in research double people beauty attitude styling Shi we will two people of body block into two group body block to research, General was photo who relative camera has six species basic structure combination: female en male sideways, and female half sideways Shun male half sideways, and female half sideways on male half sideways, and male sideways female sideways, and male en female en, and male back body female back body. In these six fundamental group can be broken down further fine-tuned on the basis of endless beauty styling.
B, and two a face-to-face stands Shi, if Mr arm ladies of waist, to note arm waist of hand whether dew has out, if hand dew has out, is more jerky extra, so arm waist of action actually just put hand put in ladies corresponding side of hip Department can, don't really of arm came, if Mr to led ladies of hand, so just gently led live ladies finger of second a knuckles above of part, ladies of Palm posted to Mr of hand, Mr of wrist to in received, hand slightly to outside bent. Hand of the effect will be more harmonious. Often meet in the double beauty "prop" movement, elbow fully hard, shoulder shrug, attitude of the whole body becomes very uncoordinated, in designing the "prop" attitude to the attention reminded the subjects using the power of the waist, rather than elbows.
C, everybody in the world has a different shape, structure, proportion, so no two exactly the same beauty and adjusted accordingly in accordance with different people. Blindly imitate the sample does not work, see sample profile is just a pose by framing, composition, cropping, and so many other aspects of the final result. Photographers should observe in life, find different styles of beauty, adjusting to the different people in imitation, the curves of the human body to the full.

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