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On location wedding be sure to steer clear of the top ten security risks

Now wedding 1-2 on-location shooting, which can make fashion tastes, and can feel the harmony of man and nature, it can also reveal personality. But constantly pursue exciting, tend to ignore the security of wedding location shooting.
Small here "in earnest" remind couples, security issues must seriously location wedding photography, don't let the risk becomes the result.
1, no matter where you decide to take wedding photo, such as the need to take off your shoes, before filming, please confirm that you want to stand where the ground is safe, foreign bodies removed have a chance to hurt you, to really be shooting better take off your shoes.
2, such as the need to "breathe" and other movements, pay attention to see whether there is a fish in the sea, some fish activity in specific locations, and poisonous, not careful it will be fish fins, stab.
3, Kingfisher love fishing on the pier, couples in such places, you must be careful fishing rods, hooks, some anglers are misplacing items, even the fish on the floor, so don't choose to shoot at the people much of the time, prevent accidents.
4, couples dress should be mainly light, do not recommend wearing a wedding dress of Grand, heavy, especially brides, choosing tea length dress or party dress, as much as possible. Shoes also do not recommend wearing high heels, in fact, in recent years, many new people will wear white shoes instead, walk more easily.
5, carry a small first aid kit, in case in case of any damage can be immediately disinfected and bandaged.
On location wedding photography security issues: select ground as far as possible, avoid shooting in rugged, cliff-side to pay attention to warning signs near, avoidance of accidents.
6, before the shooting, there was heavy rain, couples should not be shot in hill ranges or streams, should consult with photographers converting locations, or postpone the shoot.
7, to avoid walking into the jungle or Bush shot to avoid being bitten.
8, outdoor activities are affected by the weather, before setting out and shot the same day, you must pay attention to the weather reports and weather changes.
9, communicate clearly with the photographer location security, preferably prior to first understand the topography of the location, pay attention to nearby landmarks, the nearest clinic, hospital, etc (such as shooting in the countryside, but watch out for any phone to survive).
10, MM once out on the railway and wedding photography studio trailer, said he escaped several times special stimulus train. Stimulus seems to have forgotten the importance of safety. Many couples choose the tracks for their wedding photos, in particular, like to train in the background, especially in light of the train!
As it is the train's speed, the danger is considerable. If not on the railways, even if it is on the railway side of the stones on the ground will be in danger, dynamic acceleration will form a lot of wind, a lot of accidents are in pocket or volume on the sides of the train wheels.

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