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2012 wedding photography trend forward

Is now a fashion and trend of the age, more and more of the generation of new requirements for wedding style also tend to individuality and distinctive. 2012 wedding trend is what kind of become a topic of concern to a lot of new people, here go to the announced 2012 wedding trends.
Minimalist fashion
Nowadays more and more generation young people like the sleek, minimalist style, this style is in line with the aesthetic needs of the present generation of young people, new people to show himself, and the most perfect moment. This simple and elegant and sophisticated fashion, styling tends to be crisp style favored by more and more young people, will be 2012 the most popular wedding photos.
Young people advocating personality, 2012 wedding will certainly be the most popular character out of the ordinary, young couples like to choose different interesting photography, this kind of personality styles, color rich, character, both a wedding and offbeat, and showed his own youthful personality. Believe 2012 youthful personality wedding photos is bound to become the most popular wedding photos.
Black and white retro style
Style wedding photos in black and white, both modern and engaging, is the real retro. This timeless feel, like the pressure at the bottom are years old once upon a time. When the old turn out to see, memory used to be so beautiful.
Korean beautiful wind
In recent years, due to the Korean hit, popular Korean aesthetic wind will be the 2012 one of the most popular wedding trend is essential, romance drama makes many young people started to like Korean style of photography, this will allow wedding photos are closer to the real lives of young people as a filming style and themes, favored by many young newcomers, will be 2012 the most popular wedding photos.
Fresh natural air
2012 wedding is more of the most popular out of the Studio, to on-location natural wedding location wedding photography styles of fresh, green hills and clear waters of real-world scenarios, it is all natural, and this is now the wedding fashion.
Painting the wind
Canvas textured photo collection of everlasting love. "Mona Lisa Smile", with a picture-perfect work of art is a kind of status symbol, wedding oil painting interpretation of the fairy tale of the beautiful Princess, dreams of a picture I have of her. Oil painting of color, texture, light and shadow, the stroke, with beautiful picture frames, it creates artistic charm is far better than a photo. It is not only a simple image rendition, it is your unique expression of emotion.

Story style similar to movie close-ups. Strong Memorial, photo link up, speaking out was a beautiful story.
Meet the fashion style of the wind if brides want their wedding photos, full of times, you can choose this style, such as the popular "end of the world photos" and "China Red".

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