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How to prepare before the wedding the bride?

As the married couple soon, want to make their own wedding perfect, and also to show to show off to his friends, but how to shoot good photos effect out of it, what are we supposed to do before the wedding photos, happy wedding network is happy to share with you the wedding
According to prepare matters:
1. not drinking too much water before going to bed.
2. After Shampoo, Hairspray on not. Photographed the night before, please wash their hair, not on any hair gel or Hairspray to avoid affecting the shape and style.
3. don't stay up late, not drinking or taking sleeping pills. Before the photo is trying to avoid staying up late to avoid dark circles and eye congestion phenomena. Don't let eye fatigue, bad influence and spirit photographs all day activities. Proposal two weeks prior to the photo, adjust the habit of early to bed and early to rise.
4. do not wear head dress. Photos the day before wearing out a shirt or zipper-style clothing, avoid hairstyles or makeup variants.
5. don't be late, you can arrive, will make the picture work can be completed within the scheduled time and itinerary not only missed the other guests.
6. the photographs must eat breakfast on the day as the photo day trip is very compact, great physical strength is needed to have a good performance.
7. bride armpit hair removal, hair. Between the gestures, strapless or sleeveless dress arm will be in focus. Removal of armpit hair are a courtesy beauty.
8. the bride wearing stockings on location to prevent mosquito bites, and winters are warm-keeping function.
9. personal clean shave and groom groom, trim the nose hair, nails.
Wedding day we should take things:
A. wearing a strapless, low side lingerie, wedding dresses strapless backless, fixing must be compatible with wearing a strapless bra.
B. take some paper towels, wash your face best bring your own towels.
C. Uninstall oil and facial cleanser.
A. bring your own black shoes, of course, studios will provide for you free. (If you own your own words, would be fit and comfortable)
B. do not wear suits or dark underwear to avoid the cat, socks, white or black pair.
Of course, if the bride usually with careful maintenance, skin is also very good, and that there is no need for the programs listed above. Before the wedding to worry too much, the maintenance can be completed before the wedding, the wedding is, after all, can be slightly modified in the late without
Worry too much. The Lady's skin is dry to note that because all day with heavy makeup, skin is very hard and dry, and laugh, wrinkles is easy! So Miss dry skin, just before taking the best hydrating mask to make one week,
Water conditioning.
As long as you are ready before the photo above, I believe you can shoot out to your satisfaction results.

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