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TEL: 0577-6726786
Notice to customers
True love wedding photography in Wenzhou, online deposit paid accepted Internet, here are pay account and notice
Foreign remittance customer order process:
Contact customer service packages--determine suitable packages--determine the time and the contents--phone-bank transfer-customer--customer service check (60 minutes)--registration of customer service time, order-according to time customers a day earlier to the company selected clothing-official the next day shoot!!
Order process:
Above 3 ways---determine outlet---Retail Advisory book (direct remittance network reservation)--------arranged shoot planning
Special Note: this special limited-time limit on sale package because it is network, through online sales customer service enquiry reservation without network customer service directly to book also belongs to voluntarily give up the package in the store's book rights and privileges! Not be replaced or book this package! See understanding!!
Note: this event offers only online sales or to order! Stores may not directly sell or book!

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