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Five strokes wedding taught you strike the perfect posture

How to pose for a wedding is very important, then shoot the wedding what are the classic pose, and pay attention to what?
1. stand and attitude are without fail, wedding jewels. There is one of the most easy way, this sentence is justified. Perfect position for the camera. That is the official stance of the State: the body maintain honest, natural rising of the head, according to this effect is best. In addition, the skin is also important, in order to ensure your skin on the day the photo health compact, full of vitality, the first to drink plenty of water, and 3 days before the wedding to stay away from salty foods.
2. perfect posture shoulder back forever. Do not let the bouquet clung to the lower jaw, arm in the elbow natural bend; the arm don't sit too close to the body. Because it poses will influence results. If your line is proud of his arm, can think about putting on an organza Cape, attention shifted to shoulders and beautiful people on the collarbone.
3. play makeup results in order to guarantee smooth skin texture. Because oily makeup will appear in the film reflective effect. Also note that, should choose red or Tan powder makeup; is not suitable for taking pictures with bright makeup Foundation. Foundation color to their skin color around, especially when the skin below the neck and neck exposed when there are color light Foundation, discord occurs mask "effect.
4. the fullness slimming pose for starters. One foot in front, this posture can make you look a bit thinner: standing with feet apart. Slightly curved front knee, upper body tilted slightly. This condition looks like professional models conceit.
5. the use of natural light is the most valuable piece of props. Twilight lingers soft light can add luster to your photo. If the light is too strong, such as standing under dense trees, shade can prevent the eyes focus when taking photos, you can find some natural shade. And makes you look more spirit. If wedding photography is in the winter, unable to make full use of natural light; or in the beautiful scenery of the window frame, or leaning out of the window, put themselves into very cold in nature, remaining perfect shadows.

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