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Groom take wedding pictures before and after attention to detail

For every woman to shoot the wedding was the happiest moments of my life, every bride is beautiful, the groom is green in the photo, not particularly nervous. But the husband should also pay attention to some details, not because one does not notice and destroy this wonderful moment.
Groom's hair is makeup artist blew up, but won't change too much, the best Barber completed a week before the groom takes a photo. Hair dye in advance. Brides as well.

Groom if the teeth are bad, we recommend using whitening white tooth paste, or determined not to grin when taking photos! Otherwise the effect is very poor.
Groom not so intensively film conservation, but photographed the same day or to apply some moisturizing creams, or dry skin, that should give him also the ceiling bottles of it!
Beard easily groom, shave in the morning and in the afternoon out. Photo day wears an electric razor, it can blow at any time.
Nose hair
This is a little ... ... Oh, but many guys really nose hair very long, a smile through out, too emotional. Photographs must be modified before it. Brides also look well.
Groom generally have little opportunity to the feet. If only there is a full-length picture of the dynamics also appear, the insurance plan is all black socks. But with white will choose a white suit, White leather shoes can be selected. To see the bride and groom their own ideas. Other colorful shoes had better not choose, if it were to help a pity.
Rings and nail
Groom's hands will have more opportunities to play, so nail trim, don't nails with black mud play! Rings needed to wear a wedding ring or decorative ring to see shooting style. Let the groom wear a velvet pouch, assorted must be well packed, change clothes be sure to check the pockets, or take a picture of lost his ring, is in big trouble.
Wedding, State of mind is most important. If not enough sleep the night before filming, taken will affect quality.

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