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Wedding photography beware of "beautiful trap"

For new people to take wedding photos, leaving souvenir of happy moments, that is an essential link. Can be a lot of people are happy to take photos when you are finished, and turned around to be found, even if he has to be careful, but was "gentle and consumption." In this regard, the reporter interviewed several "ordinary", using their experience to new people a heads up.
Package price is high and low
For your most important
At present, the rock, the size of the Photo Studio, Photography Studio will introduce a number of different prices, quality wedding packages. New people to stand up to the receptionist encouraged, believe it will go beyond his budget wedding packages.
"You go in consulting, the receptionist are all very eager to pass the surround is tea and beverages. "In April this year has just finished the wedding of Miss Lin told reporters, Studio receptionist in the selling process, usually to ask the guests to the opening price, and then on top of that recommendation is slightly higher and keep commitment to guests, will apply to the company's posters, picture frames and so on. "That sounded good, very exciting, I immediately paid the deposit. "Lin says," photo shoot know that studios send so many frames have no place. "It is understood that Miss Lin then ordered 3980 wedding set, taken altogether 6 garments, 120 photos into the album 40, photo frame Studio sent a total of Miss Lin size 7. Now, Miss Lin shouted at the sight of the photo frame a headache, she said: "home no fewer than 3 large photo frames, look when in the store, I feel very fit, but moved back home, only to find the room is not big enough, hang the frame does not fit, now there is a utility room no hanging. "
Lin reminded prospective new attention, when choosing a wedding package, should take into account the size of new houses, renovation style, select a group shot of the price is right, can not easily tempted by gifts, doesn't suit wedding packages.
Meet-by- "When booking the wedding, be sure to be clear these details, makeup, clothes, lest when not taking photos. "Real estate sales Miss Chen proudly told reporters that her wedding photos last year early when carrying out these details, saved a lot of things.
Chen said that before the photo is her first online Studio common spending pitfalls and experienced colleagues, friends of advisory notes. For example, some Studio in the contract "makeup free" agreed, but when the couple went to shoot, makeup artists tend to take out a small bottle of liquid makeup, inducing consumers to buy. "Now sell makeup artists are generally not compulsory as in earlier years, but will say that the makeup would last, otherwise affect the result, induction of newcomers. "Miss Chen told reporters that she was consulting his friend as a makeup artist, makeup of the so-called liquid there is no magic, and added later, lighting and other factors, will not have any effect on photos, she advised the bride, do not be fooled.
In addition, for use when shooting clothing, new people in signing the shooting should also be more consultation. Many Studio dress partition, to shoot the same day, new look clothing is often not part of the reservation system. If you must wear so-called dress upgrade fee new people, and this cost is hundreds of Yuan.
Less selection, selection of customised list of
Xie was taken last August in a Photography Studio wedding photos, film studio was chosen because of its commitment to send. Thanks Miss choice Photography Studio can be purchased from this film for a fee, but unexpectedly because of his selection of films, software, also is paying a lot of the book costs.
"Looking out of the photos are so beautiful, please? And married life once in a while, tired to death that day, I cannot help much more than more than 10 have been elected to, results than budget overruns of nearly 1000 Yuan. "Miss Xie said with some regret, in fact, there is no need for a multiple-selection list, films are sent, like wash can go out to the Studio, much cheaper!
"The new multiple choices, but if you watch more than once can be removed, the agreed quantities rostered select, late spending can be avoided. "Thanks Miss telling new people:" selection must be calm, might as well pick a few times, demanding, and cannot easily be fooled by staff compliment. Especially in Studio or studios, filmed in signing contracts with annotated selection of films ' do not bring other persons ', this arrangement is to prevent new and less affected by the others tab. ”

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