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Most in wedding shooting travel photos

Today, many couples hold wedding honeymoon shoot, not only to enjoy the scenery recorded moments of happiness, more for their most unforgettable memories, wedding photography, which have many styles, but travel location shooting is undoubtedly the best choice can be tourist attractions as a filming location and realize trendy wedding photo shoot.
Trendy wedding photography travel pictures
1. natural style, new fashion
And in the beautiful atmosphere of the landscape, and will make you smile and look more natural. Pleasant views back to the photographer unlimited space to play, shoot people with a perfect combination of landscape photos, leave your sweet memories. Meanwhile, tourism photo novel fashion, is also different from the Studio's people had the photos.
2. custom, romantic
Rather than listen to photographers in the Studio of mercy, as cookie shapes and smile than to Tibet we have long sought, Namco, the Potala Palace and other sacred and beautiful place to witness our love, both to make personalized wedding photos, but also as a romantic wedding, two birds with one stone.
3. the tourism picture correct
According to their own preferences to select the shooting frequented by tourists, enjoying the natural process of this romantic scene filmed, this unique wedding tourism to the photographers, let him be our joy to load album.

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