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Atmospheric fashion how to shoot wedding pictures

Wedding dresses for after the starters, wedding photos became one of the most important things in life, and demands for wedding photos is quite high, today small series brings together couples with space to go with wedding photography studio in Beijing atmospheric fashion generation know how to take wedding photos.
I. the proper cut
Generation love publicity, parents can't match ideas to interpret their own alternative, still hoping to have a graceful atmosphere of their own wedding. Smart appropriately cut can reveal not only the style, but can make you the center of attention!
II. features wedding photos
Generation for romance, an independent and full of fantasy. Its true shooting style better with the theme showing a generation of youthful personality and also carries the new people the joy of childhood and dreams is the best choice.
III. screen capture
Dress well, tend to care more about the picture of movement. There is no need to use your head, just own idea communicate with the photographer, timely communication, it can produce satisfactory results and they want. More experience if you want to save unnecessary trouble shooting process, may wish to find a professional wedding photo Assistant, hands-on teaching you.

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