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Winter wedding dress cold prevention strategies

Cool weather, beautiful location, more and more couples choose wedding photos in the fall/winter season. New winter photos, clothing, the State likely to be affected. Is wedding photography gold in autumn and winter seasons, but the weather is not good, therefore, people should keep a good mental state before shooting in order to shoot the best.
Autumn and winter is the season for colds, especially brides try early in the wedding photography to catch your cold. If the bride's physical condition is not good, it hard to cooperate with photographers shooting, thereby affecting the quality of the photo shoot.
Because of the cold and prone to diarrhea and other diseases. Before the diarrhea, and symptoms of respiratory tract infection a few patients come first, and all of a sudden. Generally mild or moderate dehydration, antibiotic treatment, in the event of similar symptoms, should be timely treatment. Winter wedding of friends must pay attention to healthy!
Suggestion: new people in preparation for a week before filming began to drink some cold physique-enhancing drug such as banlangen, ensuring that when shooting with the best condition. Location cold without certain measures of warm, natural cold of brides because it is difficult to play, the seat must be prepared to warm baby. Wedding dress can also be worn tight warm pants.
Choose the right clothing for easy replacement
Cooler, the groom's clothing can be dressed the same as usual. Bridal choice of exquisite, Saint Valentine's day costume, bride upper body clothing, try not high neck fall clothing, wear off easily smudged makeup on his face. "You can select v-collar long sleeve dress, bride changes clothes more easily. "
Lower body clothing choices, if you choose short wedding dress of the bride, clad with skin color stockings should be worn; if you select is not a glimpse of leg long wedding dress underneath it, you can wear a pair of long Johns close, so as to keep out the cold, and slim, and for shooting wedding photos didn't have much impact.
High heels make the bride look more slender
On the choice of the bride shoes, heels should be chosen, because long wedding dresses are not normally exposed in fall shoes, but you can make the bride look more slender.
Winter boots for better care of the bride
If on-location filming, because of bugs or more unidentified objects, the bride can also choose boots, to protect both the shank, and keep warm. In addition, when you select a photo in the winter, it is best to carry mug, you can always drink hot water, and cold when warm.
Shooting notes on the day.
1, grooms shave the same day, do not wear dark pants, black shoes, white socks with a double
*** 2, day of the bride wear, wear light colored strapless underwear, do not wear head dress
3, be sure to eat breakfast, brush your teeth
4, don't be late
5, photographed that day not to drink too much water, wearing a white dress is almost unable to go to the bathroom
6, sunscreen powder in Sheung Shui at first wearing a dress is not clean when
7, requires stylists do solid hair, some Bobby pins or hair spray on it anyway, to wind and rain as the first priority
8, "thank you, I'm sorry" often on the lips, friendly and interactive nature of the photograph
9, note when taking photos. The lower abdomen, chest fat or cellulite, Crow's feet, sweat, and emptied smoothness, hair, double eyelid stickers, clothing, flowers, fresh
10, just before the photo is trying to look in the mirror for practice, or otherwise know how to laugh ... Haha
11, the groom places special attention.
(1) 100% with the bride with staff, as a result of shoot really tired
(2) efforts to make bride smile so that you feel love
(3) that day, the bridegroom will take good care of yourself, because the bride must verge

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