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Wedding, refusing to be slaughtered by flicker

Always listen to friends complaining about take wedding photo business "slaughter" and spend a lot of money, obviously packaged himself made 2000 Yuan, but wait to pay, but find themselves 7788 added a lot of additional things, caught up to 5,000. So how to avoid wedding trap, how to budget for your own savings than? Sohu small addendum to the bride teaching teach you new people.
A, Studio safety rookie determined not to buy
At the wedding, Photo Studio I have many words to make people buy bottles. Many couples because first heard of ampoule and his magic, so it will not hesitate to buy it. So small to you a trusted popularization what are ampoules? Ampoule is a super concentrated essence. It can make skin in the shortest possible period of time to achieve the best possible state. In General, the ampoule not a designer make your daily use skincare products, and strengthen supply masks are not the same, it can be said it is the skin's "aid station". Wedding, wedding day, models, fashion shows, attend an important dinner party, a professional makeup artist in the ampoule before stabilization and maintenance your skin, when it was the most perfect conditioning your skin and makeup. After such a "catching up" skin be tightened, water well, easier putting on makeup and eating than usual makeup, and makeup.
If new people really feel that they need to bottle it, but a couple of shopping malls to buy their own familiar and trusted brand, so that the wedding day. But the Studio could be for a variety of reasons to tell you, you bring your own bottle of cosmetics does not meet with them or what. Independent brides don't have to listen to that, stick with the good.
Don't listen to the Studio saying how amazing their bottles, the real bottles of expensive, currently our Studio would not have that item, the cost is too high. Currently, Studio bottles are sold in price between 80-300, but they are using the so-called "bottle" out to twenty or thirty to buy.
2. wedding PS without the ampoule has perfect skin
Now, PS technology is very strong, even without a bottle, still can be handled at a later stage fine lines and acne. Day before the wedding, the bride can do a simple skin care, apply a facial mask.
Second, don't put in any money for fancy clothes and props
When going to the wedding photos, costume guides will take you to see some of the most gorgeous dresses, and then tell you how grades and these clothes are expensive, and so on come from big brands or celebrities, and shareholder you at this critical time to choose the best, and so on. This time, new people should pay attention to, in fact, no need to wear when taking photos how upscale clothing, because, the effect is the same. As long as in normal price areas so you choose for your wedding dress styles is good no need to spend money to wear the wedding dress photo.
Clothing is only one aspect, of course, there are photographers and props, and so on will have the possibility of fare increases, so here are some questions you can ask!
1, choose the photographer plus does not increase?
2, a total of shooting times available for the selected basic set of numbers (how many photos were taken)?
3, took place outside those places? Other provinces increased their charges?
4, on the transport vehicle is prepared by the wedding company? Such as going to the scenic spot ticket, who will pay the additional expenses such as parking fees? Picture day meal expenses paid or treat?
5, rainy day Reshoot day whether you want to increase (such as modeling, noon meal), how much?
6. the Studio, there is no need to add money int?
Third, do not add extra Photo
An expenditure of the most terrible is the last selected picture. You shot your wedding package guide will tell you, this wedding will help you take 100, 20 selected album. Other photos if you like you can add money to buy it. Tickets cost around 50 Yuan, if you hesitate which one likes, then you must spend an extra 4000 Yuan, wouldn't it be scary? So people have to have ideas, if facial expressions, movements and scenes are similar photos don't have to select more than one. The rest of the money you can go to several photo.
Small series summarizes the following few questions you need to ask the Studio, the couple must keep in mind.
1, a total of how many?
In volume 2, the photo number, page number and total page count, widescreen wallpaper, banners, photo album sizes and materials.
3, giving all films? Digital should give all the negatives you select and sample, if the CD can also send you other photos?
4, zoom in as a couple? Maximum a few inches? Enlarge photos without the box? Box closed without additional cost?
5, pick porn if there were no time limit, no limit, find satisfaction.
6, asking the first index, after the film so as to modify, cut their losses.
7, production problems, such as blistering, bend, how to deal with?
Reminder: new according to the actual circumstances, communication with the Studio by these issues, clearly the consumer also can take pictures of their satisfaction.

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