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Autumn wedding theme not to be missed!

Autumn is the season I suppose, is the harvest season, precipitation and Thanksgiving in this season, even if the leaves on the ground, also worship in it, just enjoy it all, new people will be able to make a perfect autumn Sonata. Small make up for their wedding couples below collects some fall wedding theme not to be missed!
Autumn not spring strewn flowers, nor like a summer under the blue sky cool running, seems to be not as romantic views of the wedding. In fact, every season has its unique beauty, as long as you discover: couple lying in the yellow leaves, white stretch, only bare branches in the surrounding company, it is undisturbed for two world, elope is a beautiful article about autumn, passing out of the lens of quiet happiness will infect every seen photos of the "audience".
Small series of reviews: don't worry about leaves dirty wedding and stiff, and can communicate with the Studio in advance or bring your own wedding
Autumn light application of rare beauty is photography. The Golden Sun, golden leaves, the Golden pair of people from under the tree, who's to say it's not beautiful enough?
Small series of reviews: choose the best days in the Sun to shoot on location, new hairstyle and dress should be simple and fresh.
Late autumn walk
A pavement leaves in the Park corridor, gentle beige tunic dress, bride, pictures so warm and beautiful, she is the most beautiful goddess of autumn, smiling slyly smiling at me waiting for a loved one ... ...
Small series of reviews: go to a walk in the Park, the quaint campus, fall beauty be number.
In addition to gold, yellow, Orange, red, sky blue are also essential elements of color in the fall. Autumn is often sunny, scenes from the new shaken to sky high and far, does bring out the Grand vehemence of love?
Small series of reviews: no ornate decorations, just get an empty place, and most comfortable and most comfortable pose, feel free to grab a few shots are perfect!
Amazing autumn
Always ahead of the couple, in the gloomy autumn scenery so beautiful, as love is always bleak life is an amazing splash of bright colors.
Small series of reviews: lovers try red, bright pink dress.
Mottled tree
Autumn wedding can take a dynamic effect, gap through its leaves exposed to two sweet young face, love is the best business card.
Small series of reviews: fall view depression, you can use the local feature approach, creating autumn beauty.

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