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New wedding how to be more photogenic?

We often see people complaining is not photogenic, but for a married couple, wedding event, how is a not photogenic thing! today small wedding taught you how to pose, refused on camera saying!
Wedding how to pose sitting portraits:
Seated portrait standing man limitation, but can sit a graceful curve, also help to eliminate the anxiety of subjects. Sitting in with the camera at a 45-degree angle to a sitting position as a benchmark, divide into oblique lateral seat, back seat and side back seat three. More than down the angle of torso to distinguish, they could be divided into a right angle sitting, obtuse and acute angle posture being seated, if placed style subdivision with legs crossed, can be divided into thighs, both hand and leg.
Wedding how to pose twin style:
Double pictures often encountered in wedding photography, relative to single photo, double beauty modeling photos more diverse. It not only has a single character's body, line, people change of expression, as well as exchanges between the characters, when laying double beauty, don't forget God, ECHO and changing between the two men.
The wedding how to pose standing figures:
Posture is the most common attitude of portrait photography, standing like to fully show body lines, beauty, posture much more freedom.

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