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Generation wedding wedding pop retro cross wind

"Discover a phenomenon: recent travel TV series fire, leading to Princess play dress or a fire. On the bride's urging, eight to ten couples have chosen this costume. Photographed in the waiting Hall, women have been doing that took out his mobile phone camera and dull men sleep was. Shaoxing opera and others! "On his Sina microblog, groom" please call me handsome Chen "Princess of Studio in a group with girls, issued such a sigh.
Recently, as Shaoxing opera and the Palace of the step the hit, retro trend of the new generation more and more young people like weddings. SINA weibo named "Jia master" wedding planners in Chongqing, went to Xian, Xian's ancient city wall, as the couple planned a "Tang dynasty Princess" vintage wedding.
Tang suit wedding bride to be a "Feng Nian"
Compared with Western-style wedding, vintage wedding dress ready to more complex Chinese. "Jia master" said that in order to create this "Datang wedding," he and his team began preparations for half a year earlier. "The new clothes we use hand-sewn, check out a great deal of historical information, try to restore every detail of the Tang dynasty costumes. Even the parents of the couple are dressed in Tang dynasty costumes, a ' cross ' addictions. "
"Jia master" said that on the day of wedding, brides in Tang dynasty Princess uniform, take the 4 friends carry a "Feng Nian" from the walls of a slow line, female friends of the bride put on a rental maid in Tang dynasty costumes, holding up red lanterns in "Feng Nian" before the bride approach.
Wedding ceremony is very particular, "master solutions," says Wo wash ritual, to the same prison hejin, Jie Ying loving ceremony, holding hands ... ... Every step of the wedding were held according to the ancient rite one by one, "wedding host incarnation of Tang dynasty ' Herald ' handheld ' edict ' for the couple to marry. "
This "Datang wedding" arrived the couple, "their friends say, attending this wedding totally was like watching a real-life ' through ' operas, ranging from the environment to process, are people like through time, back to the Tang dynasty a Millennium ago. "" Master solutions, "said.
Princess pirate wedding bride wanted a unique
Hanahayashi and little wind at the couple for wedding pictures recently packed a unpleasant, "she put on ' the Princess ' clothes, the ancient feel of the wedding. "Said Hua Lin's decision, little wind in frustration," victims are travel TV series, since the step after broadcast, she was hooked when the ' Princess ', decided to play in the wedding photos ' through '. "
Complain of the small wind, flowers have their own say, "now the streets were taken wedding photos wedding dress, look, don't tell look at who is who can dress in period costume are different, I could choose different dynasties and different costumes. Play ' crossing ' quite interesting isn't it? "
Shoot what style of wedding, the couple had been arguing over for half a month, "she now not only looking at the replay of the step, also bought a lot through novels, happily every night. "Xiao Feng said, estimated to last you have to compromise," she insisted, next week I will go and she took it. "
Han Chinese clothing rental is through the drama got to fire up
Elegant robes and large sleeves, Tsing Yi ... ... Now, more and more young people began to keen wedding Hanfu, performances, and the culture. Gao Yunfeng, a Han Chinese clothing rental company, is my boss, said this time business, Gao Yunfeng laugh was his mouth, "through the show ancient dress blew up, most recently married new people would choose this kind of clothing. "
But compared with the Han Chinese clothing rentals, Chinese clothing custom market much. Gao Yunfeng said in addition to professional costume sales and rental companies rent or custom Chinese clothing, there are some fashion group made their own Hanfu. "A lot of Han Chinese clothing should be custom, a few hundreds of Yuan, as many thousands of Yuan, as I now have two sets of Hanfu is my own slot. "
Said Gao Yunfeng, Chinese clothing materials such as cotton, linen, silk and other natural materials, but make the suit material or Scottish-style cloth, can also make Chinese clothing, raw materials procurement from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guangzhou area in General. Most popular clothes for mass customization price at 400-600 RMB/set, cheap, also has more than 200 Yuan, your million. Price difference is material, and style.
Through the wedding outfit
Spend at least 6000 Yuan
Shaoxing opera raised retro wedding boom, compared with Western-style wedding, vintage wedding exactly what needs to be increased and expenses? OBO marriage hall wedding music Planner Wu Yixuan said more vintage wedding outfit prepared, so just in terms of wedding outfits, would add at least 6000 Yuan of expenditures.
Wu Yixuan said, at present, the city hotel suitable for weddings, mostly European-style decoration, so I hope that planning a vintage wedding ' new people, it is best to choose Chinese-style decoration of hotel, "so as not to seem neither fish nor fowl. "
Said Wu Yixuan, retro wedding need to stock up on wardrobe a lot, "such as sedan, wedding cards, gongs and drums, lanterns, Chinese clothing and other small tables, wine, new bottles, plus the matchmaker, servant staff in the hiring, at least it takes 6000 Yuan. Just rent, if it is purchased, cost increases. "
Meanwhile, retro wedding dress rehearsal will take a long time, new people selected dynasty to marry had to start from scratch learning ritual steps. Wu Yixuan said, in order to avoid errors at the wedding scene, remember these steps need new people to spend more effort and time.

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